Monday, March 17, 2008

We interrupt this St. Patrick's Day fun for a strange proposal in Ann Arbor

"Chicken make lousy housepet"

Ann Arbor City Council Member Steve Kunselman wants to change existing laws to allow Ann Arbor residents own and use for valuable egg purposes up to FOUR hens.. Roosters would be expressly prohibited. You also cannot under any circumstances use your chickens for slaughter or meat purposes which on it's face is ridiculous, if you can only have four it doesn't sound like Orwell's Animal Farm ya know? If they are YOUR chickens, and you can legally own them, where does the Ann Arbor City Council's legal interest in keeping you from some tasty BBQ? Answer, they HAVE no interest legally or otherwise. If they say you can own hens, and how you must keep them in coops, that's where the control will stop. Besides, try enforcing that.

"Jimbo, I noticed you had 4 hens yesterday and you ate BBQ last night and today you have 3 hens, by God, I'm calling the police."

YCD is a live and let live kinda place. If Ann Arbor wants chickens in every yard, sobeit. We'll be right here fanning the flames on the BBQ.

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