Friday, March 21, 2008

Sounds like U-M are responding like petulant children over the Ann Arbor News reporting over athletic academics at U-M

The Ann Arbor News has been running a four part series over the academics or lack thereof at the U-M for student athletes. The University of Michigan is not denying really any facts stated in the reporting, instead trying to smear the reporting and confuse the issue. Comments from U-M over this story sound like this:

"The committee noted its particular concern over the unauthorized release and subsequent publication of private student information without the permission of the student involved,"--Regent Andrew Richner, R-Grosse Pointe Park

Later Mr. Richner declined to mention other issues the regents may be upset about. Thanks Andrew, thanks for backing your words. However, yours were not as bad as:

(The Ann Arbor News report) "contains many misstatements of fact, several blatant errors, and the use of information completely out of context." --psychology professor John Hagen

Mr Hagen then went on to offer NO specific examples of what he was talking about. Smear the messenger, not the program you helped build eh Mr. Hagen?

YCD supports the Ann Arbor news reporting in this and we also realize U-M usually responds like caffeinated squirrels when they are called out over almost anything. Until U-M representatives can offer specific point by point examples of poor reporting or actual proof and not hyperbole, the A2 News reporting stands.

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cmadler said...

Take a look at ypsidixit's fairly thorough analysis of the series.