Saturday, November 15, 2008

We're about to find out how many die-hard Michigan football fans there are

If you show up today, on this utterly miserable rainy, 40 degree and dropping, north winds at 20 mph, in a nightmare season against a non rival foe, you ARE a die-hard Michigan fan. If you don't make it (unless you are on your deathbed, or moving away, or out of town, or at your kids soccer game), die-hard status DENIED. These are the types of games that define a die-hard fan.

Oh and since it's now at 40 degrees or below, the no hard liquor in the stadium rule has been waived.

Go Blue

Likewise if you're a crafter and you're not at the Detroit Urban Craft Fair today, you're just dabbling.


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

Looked like there are 80-85,000 die hard fans. However it looked like about 10,000 stayed until the end.

TrixielovesYpsi said...

Just stick a fork in the season. No, wait, Ohio State gets to humiliate them first. Maybe the spanking will stick in the team craw and they'll pull their heads out of their asses next year.

George Jetson said...

Since they always make up bowl shirts with all the great stuff Michigan has done for the year- this year that will NOT be happening. So, to keep the great shirt tradition going, I am going to have my own shirt made up with all the cool stuff they have broken= all the records and streaks and what not when the final tally is finally in- by being such total losers this year. Already I am thinking "Michigan Football, Worst Team 2008, 3-9, Worst Team All Time" will be a nice start at the top... And no, unfortunately I did not make it to the game. But, I HAVE been to the games when NOBODY bought tickets, and nobody went to the games- no games were sellouts- cept M vs Ohio State. I've played tag with my buddies in Michigan Stadium, in all the empty sections during the games, kept my hands warm under my girlfriend's shirt, with a blanket wrapped around us- oh ya- big tits "are" will keep your hands warm at the football game- with nobody within 2 sections of us -and of course nobody saw what we were doing... Amazing how being 15-16 and 2 pints of peppermint schnapps will actually make you think that is true, and we all cheered our asses off for the home team even when they were almost as bad way back then. Weather? What weather!? Heck ya I am a FAN! Hey- I am even a fan of all sports! Let's see a well played game by BOTH teams- a real competition! And, its important to tell it how it is when you win, and when you lose. I think this year's shirt I will have made up will be quite the record breaking shirt! It should be quite fun to see if anyone see's the humor in it that I do..... Sad they lost- but if you are going to lose, LOSE IT ALL !!!