Saturday, November 1, 2008

Eastern Michigan football GAMEDAY!!

Well the slip sliding down the standings EMU gridiron club travels down I-94 to Kalamazoo for a 2 pm kickoff with the Sissy Broncos of Western Michigan. Now, as grim as things look this season for Eastern, they have had success against Western and Central lately. In fact last year EMU clubbed Western 19-2 at Rynearson. That being said, Western is in the MAC West title race and are undefeated at home. One must also figure a revenge factor weighs on the Bronco's minds. The points per game vs points allowed per game are almost flip flopped between the teams with Western having the side of the ledger you'd WANT to have.

If EMU can keep this game close, and history says they can, the Broncos may just seize up and think back to last year and watch their MAC title hopes die inside the confines of Waldo Stadium.

Our call?

WMU Sissy Broncos 31
Eastern Michigan 20

Come on EMU, win your last three games and you can salvage something from this season. Over, did you say over??

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Johnny Action Space Punk said...

2-8 is not good. It's very not good. This season was supposed to be different. These were all Jeff Genyk's guys. We were supposedly building to this year. 4-8 won't make the sports staff here feel any better. That's the best case scenario. Sadly, if you make a change in the head coach you have a similar situation to what Michigan has this year. A new coach without the kinds of players to run his scheme. I mean EMU could easily end up 2-10 and so then what does it really matter what players you have but it appears the EMU football team is bottoming out on a bigger level than we've seen for a few years.

Suggestions anyone?