Saturday, November 1, 2008

Late night open thread

Well friends, Johnny's off to the New York City environs this week, and you're in most capable hands with John the Revelator. He'll take good care of you. If Mt. Ypsilanti erupts for the first time since 1708, he'll mention it. Johnny will be making the ten hour drive out early tomorrow morning so everyone have the courtesy to not be on US-23 around 7 am tomorrow morning heading down to catch the 80-90 in Maumee, Ohio. Johnny thanks you in advance.

You all have a good week, make sure you vote. We said we wouldn't endorse people here (John the Revelator is free to, he's a co-writer) as many are our neighbors and we try hard to play things up the middle for the most part but Johnny WILL go on record as supporting, and hoping you will too, proposals 1 & 2. Medical marijuana offers a great benefit to some, some of our less fortunate citizens who would find a great benefit from it. People who qualify for it really do need it. Walk a mile in their shoes before you vote no. Stem cell research to Johnny is a no brainer. It too offers help to those with definite needs. Hope, that's a very powerful word to a paralyzed person. It might not help them but it might help someone after them. Alzheimer's doesn't just affect Republicans of Democrats, it affects human beings. It wrecks families. There is no moral high ground in being against it, sorry, there's simply not. There is great benefit to humanity in seeking cures from something that was ready to be thrown out anyway. Michigan has some of the greatest scientific minds around, let's put them to work.

Good luck to all you local candidates. Pick up your signs when you're done and we thank you in advance.

See ya next weekend.

Time for Ypsilanti, After Dark

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TrixielovesYpsi said...

Drive safely, Johnny! Don't take any shit off those Jersey drivers! You know Trixie loves you and wishes you well.