Monday, November 24, 2008

Ha ha ha, you all are gonna be stuck with a traffic roundabout at US-23 and Geddes

Johnny's gonna be gone but if I were you I'd raise some hell over the traffic roundabout the Michigan Department of Transportation is proposing for the bottleneck there. Johnny took the bus for four years, the number 3 route so he went through that stretch past Concordia College all the time. A roundabout isn't going to help that. You could solve the ENTIRE mess there by not letting people turn left off Geddes onto south US-23, make them to to Washtenaw or Plymouth Rd to grab it and problem solved.

A roundabout seems to be the super happy fix of MDOT anymore. Johnny has run solutions through his head there five days a week for four years. His is better.

More on this stupid idea here

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