Monday, December 24, 2007

YCD begins a holiday break, until Wednesday evening

Yes believe it or not, Johnny is giving the YCD staff the rest of today, tomorrow and most of Wednesday to travel our fair state and visit family.

YCD will be back broadcasting on Wednesday evening. Until then use this thread to share holiday greetings, track Santa, complain or brag on gifts, and general chit chat.

Merry Christmas Ypsilanti and all of Washtenaw County from the YCD staff.


Johnny Action Space Punk said...

We have an update on the Butter Troll credit card thief, CORRECTLY identified by YCD readers as John Baxter-Lee Waller. Johnny got a phone call from the AAPD this morning and YES, it is the guy they were seeking, the detective called it "good information" and they are looking for him currently. He thanked YCD readers for the info.

Also, the OTHER people in this picture, as correctly pointed out by our anonymous tipster had NOTHING to do with ANY of this. They were merely bystanders.

Better watch out John Baxter-Lee Waller, the Santa police are looking to lock you up and give you a piece of coal this year.

TrixielovesYpsi said...

Oh Johnny - I have a 20GB iPod purchased in 2005 that delights me to no end but my sister had an
80GB with video and NOW she just went out and got herself a 160GB. She has nowhere near the song library Miss Trixie has and yet... This is a clear case of just showing off, isn't it? I am happy for her but kind of resent her lording it at the same time. I kind of hope an elf poos on her shoe. Is this wrong? I love your show and will take my answer off the air...

Johnny Action Space Punk said...


Your sister has no business having an iPod like that. Johnny knows your fantabulous musical taste and extensive collection Ms Trixie. Your fine sister lording it over you is out of bounds. There must be some kind of penalty. Load it up with all the KC and the Sunshine Band you can find and mix them in among her playlists.

No, Trixie it is NOT wrong to hate your sister for having a bigger better iPod, in fact our very economy depends upon it.