Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A midsummer's update on Johnny's trip back to Ypsilanti

I woke up at 7:30 am Sunday for the drive back to Jersey City sad that my first vacation in a while was over but I also know I did everything I could to see everyone I could. I went all over and had a blast. It really was like I picked a good spot in MICHIGAN to vacation and spend money. Michigan is still a great place to go and see people, and do things like hang on a lake or drive real fricking fast down I-696 from I-75 to I-275 at 80-85 just to DO IT as I don't GET to do that kind of thing here. Running with the bulls if you will but only for highly skilled drivers who know what the look in the other drivers eyes mean. Until you live in a big city you have no idea how cathartic some fast driving is after you done growed up in SE Michigan. As you all know but they sometimes miss here, it's in our blood.

So I leave through Ypsilanti which logic says is wrong because from where my best friend and "host family" lives in Canton I'd go quickly around the block to I-275 to I-75 into the Ohio turnpike, I-80 eastbound and down. I wanted to drive the old way (Michigan Ave. out to 23 south to the I-80 in Maumee) and take another look at the majestic form that is Ypsilanti and unknown to me (until the night before) the brand new Mongoloid Barbecue right downtown on Michigan Ave. Ha Ha Ann Arbor, now we have one more thing in common with you, a Mongolian Barbecue and an atrocious 3-9 football team. As for the football, haha, the jokes on you, we wear 3-9 seasons like comfy sweatshirts and ballcaps on a fall football Saturday with a small bottle of liquor in our back pockets....going to watch Michigan lose to Toledo. Sheeeeeeeit, been there done that before our Brothers in Blue. Yes, that Rocket mascot does look like a penis. Losing to Toledo ain't no nuthin'.

Ypsi, you still looked good, great in fact. Even the construction on Washtenaw Ave wasn't all THAT bad. The burger with goat cheese on it at Sidetrack is still the best burger I've ever had. Johnny's old neighborhood on N. Adams between Forest and Cross still looked the same but what can ya change in 7 months really? Sure gonna miss that midwest college football mindset to be certain. Heading down to a Rutgers game? It could happen but let's face facts, the Big East isn't the Big Ten and the Ivy League/Patriot League isn't the MAC. Well a Lehigh game might well be aces and I'll let you know on that one.

Driving by Fuller fields in Ann Arbor last Tuesday while they were cutting the grass was another thing greatly missed. Not a lot of fresh cut grass smell around these parts. The biggest visual difference about town was the castle of a building rising at Huron and State St. in Ann Arbor. They were just welding the third and fourth floors when I left and to come back and see it all fleshed out and as giant as it is now was a jaw dropper.

Nothing was more of a jaw dropper by the way than the fact Ypsilanti is THE new filmmaking capital of the world. Robert DeNiro? Jimmy Fallon? I remember Drew Barrymore's flick shot there but DeNiro? Go Ypsi go!

Jersey City is treating me well and New York City is an awesome playground but don't ever sell yourself short Ypsi/Arbor, you have a whole lot to see and do and an educated interesting populace with which to it with.

I'll try to do a better job checking in from time to time but you always know where to find me...


glimmertwinfan said...

Glad you had a nice trip. I haven't tried out the new MB on Michigan Ave yet, but I imagine I will before too long.

Anonymous said...

Ypsi could have had our Mongob. Really.

Anonymous said...

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Luke Alexander said...

Cheers! I know how it feels to stay on a vaction and travel all you want. Nice shot for you.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoyed you trip ;)
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